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Immunohistochemical Test Surrogates of Commonly Mutated Genes in Pediatric Cancer

Jan 29, 2019

Content of Research

Specific aim 1.  To study protein expression of the commonly mutated gene(s) in paraffin-embedded formalin-fixed tumor tissue of pediatric cancer cases via immunohistochemistry and correlate these results with prognostic features. This will help develop immunohistochemical tests as surrogates for the specific mutations of interest.
Specific aim 2. To correlate the presence of over-expressed proteins with clinical prognostic information, if available. Using statistical methods, we will be able to answer the question whether the presence of over-expressed proteins is associated with increased risk of relapse or progression of disease.


1. Diagnostic Pathology: Will identify specific biomarkers for particular tumors                                                  

2. Precision oncology: Will help select cancer patients for targeted therapy 

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