Mohammadhossein Barkhordari

1608519293724883.pngMohammadhossein Barkhordari

Nationality: Iran

Research Field: Information Technology

Current position: Exchange/BI/Big data consultant in Viuna

Working Experience:

2002-2014: Business intelligence manager in company "Data mining leaders".

2015-06/2020:  Analytic solutions manager in company "Dotin" .

07/2020-Present:  Exchange/BI/ Big data consultant in company "Viuna".

In 2010, starting activities in the banking solutions and it continuous until 2012. Playing the role as project manager in this period of time in following projects:

  • EFT switch and card management system at Post bank

  • EFT switch and card management system at City bank

  • Maskan bank mobile system

  • Agriculture bank mobile bank, channel manager system and VIP channel

  • Business ministry EFT/Logistic switch(Mizan) 

From 2013, continuing activities in data oriented systems. The systems were in exchange, banking and ICT areas. Projects in data oriented banking systems as project manager were:

  • Data warehouse

  • Pasargad bank

  • TTBank

  • Maskan bank

  • Tourism bank

  • Resalat bank

  • Anti-money laundering system

  • Pasargad bank

  • Maskan bank

  • Post bank

  • Fraud detection(Offline/Online)

  • Pasargad bank

  • Persian electronic commerce

  • Fanava card

  • Sayan card

  • Business intelligence

  •  Pasargad bank

  •  TTBank

  • Customer retention

  •  Pasargad bank