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Performance Evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships(PPPs) Housing Projects in Nigeria

Jan 29, 2019

The aim of this research is  to evaluate the perfromance of over 30 PPP developed housingesates  in urban areas in Nigeria with a view to determining the extent to which they are meeting residents' housing needs and expectations  and impacting on their well-being and productivity.

The specific objectives are  to 

(i) examine the socio-economic and demographic profiles of residents in PPP housing esates in Nigeria 

(ii) invetsigate the housing characterisrics in PPP constructed residential esa in Nigeria 

(iii) evaluate the residents satisfaction with the housing units, services, maintenance and management practices  and neighbourhood facilities in the esates 

 (iv) determine the imapct of the residentail environment on the well-being and productivity of the residents in the housing esates 

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