VISION SCIENCE RESEARCH SDN BHD, which is short for VSR, is a mature international academic exchange platform jointly established by worldwide universities, research institutes and enterprises in Malaysia. We have been committed to international academic exchange planning services for years. With mature and innovative management team and scientific conference service system, we cooperate with universities, academic research institutions and R&D enterprises all over the world. So far we have successfully published many influential academic journals, and invited nearly 3,000 well-known scholars, experts and senior executives to participate in academic activities. The research fields covered by VSR includes energy and environment, electronic engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering and automation, materials and manufacturing technology, architectural engineering and construction materials, chemistry & bioengineering, medical science, pharmacology & health and life science, public health, humanities & social sciences.

Our department of technology commercialization ( short for DTC) is supported by a large number of researchers and our wide range of international research cooperation channels. Committed to promoting international scientific and academic exchanges and accelerating the technology commercial implementation of outstanding scientific and technological achievements, we cooperate with our cooperate researchers and their high-quality scientific and technological projects, patented inventions and Know-how technologies, and actively connect with the market, industrial chain and capital for technologies with good development potential.

Our research collaboration services are the key direction of Vision Science Research. Based on VSR's extensive partnerships with universities and research institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Southeast Asia and China, we help establish partnerships with research teams and institutions around the world interested in conducting joint research in the Asia-Pacific region.

Positioned at an excellent platform of research collaboration and technology commercialization, we help researchers to complete the paper publication and realize the social value and market value for useful inventions and technologies. Researchers can publish research results through the technology platform independently developed by VSR. At the same time, VSR independently developed a video conference system, which not only serves for the online academic meeting between researchers from different regions but also can conduct online teaching and research communication based on this system, which is another way to promote the exchange and promotion of academic and researches.