Randa Alfotawi

1613876339886476.jpgRanda Alfotawi

Nationality: Saudia

Research Field: Bone Bioengineering/Stem Cell Research

Educational and Research Experience:

Completed her Masters in oral and maxillofacial surgery from the University of Glasgow 2010.

Received her PhD on Bone Bioengineering/oral and maxillofacial surgery from the University of Glasgow 2014.

Currently working as Assistant Professor/and researcher in oral and maxillofacial surgery dept. at Dental faculty, King Saud University Saudi Arabia. 

Honours and Awards:

Authored several publications in various journals and books. Her publications reflect her research interests in Regenerative medicine/ bone bioengineering and the advancement of oral/dental health care. 

A reviewer of the International Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Serving as a member or fellow in the Association of Saudi society of oral and maxillofacial surgeon, And royal college of surgeon in Edinburgh.

Awarded by American scientific publisher for best publication 2017.

Got King Saud award of excellence 2015.