1650530862670476.pngMD. MUHIBBULLAH

Nationality: Bangladesh

Research Field: Engineering Physics, Electronics & Mechanics

Research Working Experience:

M Muhibbullah and Y Ikuma, Transition of orbital electrons by electromagnetic waves, The manuscript has been submitted to the Scientific Reports journal.

M. Muhibbullah, X. YYY, Mahseena Akter Meem, M. Shahid Ullah, Alagar Karthick, Umashankar Subramaniam, and Yasuro Ikuma, Solar cell efficiency with band-gap energy, The manuscript will be submitted soon

M. Muhibbullah Explanation of the Compton effect by electromagnetic wave theory of light, The research work has been performing

M. Muhibbullah and M. A. Meem, Relation between the magnetic and gravitational fields, the research work has been performing

M. Muhibbullah Experimental observation of the light-electron interaction by electromagnetic wave concept, the research work is going on.

M. Muhibbullah, Jamal Q. Almarashi and Salah E. El-Zohary, Antenna for high efficient rectenna solar cells, The manuscript has been submitted to the Physica Scripta.

M. Muhibbullah, আলোর প্রকৃত প্রকৃতি (“Alor prokrito prokriti”, in English “Real nature of light”), the manuscript has been submitted the Journal of European University of Bangladesh.

M. Muhibbullah, Quazi Taif Sadat, Syed Khalid Rahman, Asim C. Sutradhar and M. Elahi Shaikh, Wind charge nature of Dhaka city in summer, The manuscript will be submitted soon

M. Muhibbullah, Identification process of Big Bang center, The manuscript will be submitted to the journal Astrophysics and Space Science soon.

M. Muhibbullah, A review on the electromagnetic wave concept, The research work is going on.


Academic Rewards and Research Achievements:

The Research Leadership Award of the Year 2020” with titled Innovative Researcher in Refutation of the short report “On the impossibility of “Photoelectron ejection by electromagnetic wave”” by RULA Awards, January 26, 2020.

To the Doctoral program:

“Honors scholarship for privately financed international students” by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japan Government, April 1, 2009.

“Nagoya Institute of Technology I Scholarship” by Nagoya Institute of Technology, April 1, 2011.

To the M. Phil. Program:

“Bangladesh National Science and Technology Fellowship” by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, July 1, 1996.