Maliki Raphiou

1659923353246299.pngMaliki Raphiou

Nationality: Beninese

Research Field: Renewable Energy; Agricultural research; Seed production, Food crop production; Agropastoral

Research Working Experience:

30 years’ experience in Research and Development (R-D.).

Coordinator of Sustainable Agriculture -SA

Main activity is focused on Research-Development ;  secondary activities are processing  and marketing.

ICRA Expert 1999 (International Center in Agricultural Research for Development)

National consultant FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) of the Project TCP/BEN/3002 (A)

Winner of The national Energy Globe Award Benin 2014 awarded to the project (“Solar Systems for Energy Self-Sufficient Households”)

Academic Rewards and Research Achievements:

Thirty-seven (37) articles published in impact factor, indexed and peer-reviewed journals. 

Twenty-two papers presented at Scientific Workshops at national, regional and international level.

Two documentary films on agricultural production techniques and environmental protection