About Research Collaboration

About DRC 

Our research collaboration cervices are the key direction of Vision Science Research. Based on VSR's extensive partnerships with universities and research institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Southeast Asia and China, we help establish partnerships with research teams and institutions around the world interested in conducting joint research in the Asia-Pacific region.

Positioned at an excellent platform of research collaboration and technology commercialization, we help researchers to complete the paper publication and realize the social value and market value for useful inventions and technologies.

Researchers can publish research results through the technology platform independently developed by VSR. At the same time, VSR independently developed a video conference system, which not only serves for the online academic meeting between researchers from different regions but also can conduct online teaching and research communication based on this system, which is another way to promote the exchange and promotion of academic and researches.

Work Flow

1. To helping us to clarify the Technological information in your hand, please fill out our questionnaire on requirements for research collaboration projects.

VSR Questionnaire for Research Collaboration(Social Sciences & Arts & humanities).doc

VSR Questionnaire for Research Collaboration(Nature Sciences & engineering technologies).doc

2. Our Expert Evaluation Panel evaluates the economic and social benefits of the research projects.


3. Matching the projects in the same field from our Co-Researchers and Co-Research Teams to discuss the possibility of research collaboration.


4. Finding suitable research partners in designated regions and research institutions when our Co-researchers and Co-Research Teams mismatch the projects.


5. After matching the Co-Researchers and Teams for research collaboration, all the parties negotiate the Research Technique and division of labor of the upcoming project, and sign the Collaboration Agreements.


6. For excellent research projects and teams, VSR provides Research Funding and other supports.