Puzzle Wall

Research FieldArchitectural engineering/Urban planning

Content of research:

This type of wall material which is an alternative to bricks, cement and gypsum and terracotta blocks, is made of high quality plastic materials using special molds in various sizes and shapes. The use of these blocks does not require other materials and skilled labor. These blocks are inserted into each other using the tongue and groove joints. The interior and exterior layout of the building can also be designed in various patterns and colors.

Innovation & Potential Applications:

1. High strength compared to other common materials (bricks, cement and terracotta blocks)

2. Significant reduction of material weight (lightweight materials)

3. Tolerance to high temperatures

4. High tensile, compressive, flexural and impact strength

5. Thermal, noise and humidity insulation

6. Low construction cost

7. Reproducible

8. Low damage during building demolition

Anticipated Achievement:

1. Interior and exterior walls of the building

2. Partitions and separation of spaces in large halls

3. Construction of international exhibition halls

4. Building of default walls

5. Movement of interior walls