Reagent for Monitoring Cancer Therapy Resistance in Real-Time and Extensive Cancer Screening (Tumor Signal-Liquid Biopsy)

Research FieldBiochemistry

Content of research:

Therapy resistances in cancer are often undetectable or detected too late by current methods (CT scan & liquid biopsy), cause patient death and huge expenses in the medical and economic systems! The tumor signal transduction oncoproteins insides tumor cells control tumor survival. With the world‘s  first invention“Tumor Signal-Liquid Biopsy” (to assay the tumor signal transduction activity in blood from cancer patients), our product (DxSure) monitors the therapy resistances of all cancer types and all therapy  methods in real-time. Our product can help cancer patients get correct drug in time.

Innovation & Potential Applications:

Compared to CT scan & liquid biopsy

- Real time monitoring & Early detection

- High accuracy and low cost

Anticipated Achievement:

Marketing the product