About Technology Commercialization

About DTC

Our Department of Technology Commercialization (DTC) is supported by a large number of researchers and our wide range of international research cooperation channels.

Committed to promoting international scientific and academic exchanges and accelerating the technology commercial implementation of outstanding scientific and technological achievements, we cooperate with our cooperate researchers and their high-quality scientific and technological projects patented inventions and Know-how technologies, and actively connect with the market, industrial chain and capital for technologies with good development potential.

So far, we have wide cooperation across the five continents, Asia and Europe America and Oceania and include Russia, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, the United States to establish collaboration with nearly 40 high-quality inventions of technology products and industry cooperation, and actively establish patents and Know-how technology in cooperation, to realize the market value for these patents and technologies.


Work Flow

1.To helping us to clarify the Technological information in your hand, please fill out our questionnaire on the Technological Achievements and Intellectual Property rights.


TA & IP Questionnaire Investigation.doc

VSR Researchers' CV .doc

2.Our Expert Evaluation Panel evaluates your invention patents or Know-How technologies.


3.If the patent or technology passes the evaluation, we discuss further the cooperation approaches about the technology commercialization.


4.An Agreement will be signed between the researchers/Inventors and Vision Science Research.


5.VSR is responsible for finding commercial partners including but not limited to competent manufacturing enterprises and R&D institutions in the market that are most suitable for this technology.


6.Enter into formal business cooperation and to supervise and implement the process of this technology commercialization.


PS: If you are a social science scientist, you could consider Research Collaboration.