MED APP (Health Care Management System)

Research Field: Computer Science and Engineering

Content of research:

E-Care provides support to Doctor, patient, management and other stake holders with the required information to carry out their day-to-day routine work. HIMS is complete solution for recording and retrieving all possible transactions in a hospital. HIMS provide complete solution to patient for getting appointment from a doctor, getting registered to the hospital, getting treatment.

HIMS provides required information to the operational management for planning and executing their operations. HIMS Provides all the information to the management from their day to day routine work to their future planning to assist the patient in all the aspects.

Roles & Responsibilities:

      Involved in Understanding the base requirements.

         Understanding the hospital requirements and designing applications to meet their needs.

         Developed front-end web pages using ASP.NET MVC mode

         Good experience in Stored Procedures using SQL Server 

         Involved in Employee Info Administration, Medical Expertise (Doctor), Nurse, MEDAPP-Lab, Radiological System

         Extensively used ASP.NET MVC Server side controls for data Annotations.

         Designed, developed and deployed application using MVC environment.