Differential expression of serum GBP-28, NBP-Cyc 3 and TIMP-1 complicates pregnancy in hypertensive disorder pregnancy.

Research Field:Reproductive immunology/Gynecology

Research Content:

A total of 63 patients, diagnosed with HDP at the study hospital during the study period, was placed under treatment (HDP) group. While healthy group had a total of 50 women with normal pregnancy during the same period. Both these groups were compared in terms of GBP-28, TIMP-1 and NBP-Cyc 3 levels. Further, the author also checked the correlation, diagnostic value and prognosis for the three factors and HDP.

There was a significant increase observed in the expression levels of serum TIMP-1 and NBP-Cyc 3 in HDP during ELISA compared to GB. However, HDP group recorded low value of serum GBP-28 than healthy group (all P < 0.001). There is a relationship between the expressions of GBP-28, TIMP-1 and NBP-Cyc 3 and the abnormalities in lipid and glucose metabolisms, resulting in severe clinical conditions among HDP patients. The inference from spearman correlation analysis is that serum GBP-28 and the severity of HDP are negatively correlated. While Serum TIMP-1 and NBP-Cyc 3 had a positive correlation with the severity of HDP (all P < 0.001). When diagnosing HDP, the AUC values of both GBP-28 and NBP-Cyc 3 single diagnosis were above 0.8. Multivariate conditional logistic regression was deployed to assess the risk factors associated with HDP. 

Research Results:

The results listed the independent risk factors such as GBP-28, TIMP-1 and NBP-Cyc 3 and disease severity for the prognosis of HDP. Among HDP patients, upregulated expressions of serum TIMP-1and NBP-Cyc 3 were observed while in case of GBP-28, it was vice versa. The significant role, played by GBP-28, TIMP-1 and NBP-Cyc 3 in the progression of HDP, makes these entities potential serum biomarkers in diagnosis and assessment of HDP.