Manufacturing of biofuctional mineral water with the addition of extracts from fruits, vegetables, Greek aromatic plants, hemp, Moringa oleifera leaves, and olive leaves from Greek varieties

Research FieldFood Science

Content of research:

During the project, the terroir of the collaborating industry’s mineral water will be designated. Thereafter, extracts of fruits, vegetables and Greek herbs, olive leaves, cannabis and Moringa oleifera, as well as extracts (humic and fulvic acids) from innovative material (brown coal) will be produced with a “green” extraction method (Deep Eutectic Solvents). These extracts will be encapsulated in carriers (cyclodextrins) to be protected (e.g., from oxidation). Finally, Samarina water will be enriched with each of the above extracts in order to produce new innovative mineral water products. 

Demand for Collaboration:

The project initiated in the beginning of 2021 and ends by the end of 2023. Lab personnel (postdoc grade) with expertise in instrumental analysis (HPLC, GC/MS, DSC, FTIR, etc) and in food and plant extract analysis is needed.

The scientific team is also looking for food industries worldwide for collaboration concerning this research and further application of the acquired knowledge.


Water is of utmost importance to humans and to any form of life on the planet. Until recently, no attention has been paid to the taste of water, and only in recent years, it has been discovered that there is also a sixth sensation that can detect it. Water, like wine, has a terroir and can reflect the "locality" of its origin. Mineral water companies to increase their sales in this constantly growing market need to develop new products. That is, they must produce naturally aromatized and fortified mineral waters, which have a much greater commercial value, with the aim of covering specific needs of consumers.