Rotational Abrasive Micro/Nano-Finishing

Research Field: Engineering/Nanotechnology

Content of research: 

    The method may include the following steps.An abrasive medium maybe poured inside the opening;urging the abrasive medium to rotate about the longitudinal axis,thereby imposing a centrifugal force on the abrasive medium to accelerate the abrasive medium outwards from the center of rotation towards the inner surface of the opening,where the abrasive medium impacts the inner surface of the opening;and the workpiece maybe rotated about the longitudinal axis in a direction opposite the first direction,concurrently.

    Rotational Abrasive Finishing (RAF) process is one of the newest Nano-finishing processes which can be used for ultra-precision finishing of internal and external surfaces of workpieces. This is known as an environmentally-friendly method which is able to finish wide range of workpiece, especially those with symmetrically complex geometries used in advanced industries such as aerospace, medical implants, automotive, etc.

    Compared to other Nano-finishing processes, RAF process is able to be utilized for finishing of internal and external surfaces simultaneously. In addition, because of less-required material, this is much cheaper than other processes. The practical mechanism of RAF provides higher force on the surfaces of workpiece which this may lead to increase in speed and decrease in time of process resulting in decreasing in cost of whole process.