Research Field: Textile chemistry and technology

Research Content:

Most of the known synthetic methods for the production of silver nanoparticles rely on the use of organic solvents, such as acetone, chloroform, DMSO, etc., and toxic reducing agents, such as hydrazine, DMF, Sodium borohydride, etc., in addition to separate Stabilizing agents. All previous chemicals are toxic and pose potential environmental and biological risks. Besides this, said Substances cause high costs and are therefore not favorable for an industrial application.


It is an object of the present invention to provide well stabilized, highly concentrated compositions comprising nanoparticles having a narrow size distribution which can be prepared at low costs under ambient conditions.

Research Progress:

The present invention relates to a composition comprising nanoparticles Stabilized by an at least partially deprotonated biopolymer and a method for the preparation thereof.


This object is achieved by a composition comprising nanoparticles Stabilized by an at least partially deprotonated biopolymer.


It was surprisingly found by the inventors that the inventive nanoparticles can be prepared under ambient conditions by using an at least partially deprotonated biopolymer as both a stabilizing and a reduction agent. Especially, organic Solvents and/or toxic reducing agents can be avoided, so that potential environmental and biological risks can be prevented. Additionally, the inventive composition can be prepared in a very cost-effective manner and is therefore attractive for industrial applications.


Finally, it was surprisingly found that the inventive method allows the preparation of nanoparticles with a well controlled size and a narrow size distribution.


The composition of the present invention can be advantageously utilized in healthcare, medicinal and industrial antimicrobial applications, such as agents for promoting healing of wounds and reducing information associated with burns.