Uncovering the Roots of Synergy

Research Field: Law, Sociology, Economics

Content of Research:

1- Evaluating the state of the art: Writing a collaborative book on a series of detailed real-life examples of the working of synergy in physics, chemistry, biology, anthropology, economics, politics and law.

2- Developing novel methodology to study synergy in human interactions. Using intelligent data mining to unveil the relationship between laws and their effect on economics and society in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the US.

Anticipated Achievements:

Advance science, develop new field of research that will improve social engendering of modern human institutions and advancing our understanding of the forth law of thermodynamics

It is expected to contribute to government management,rule based management and group dynamics.

Demand for Collaboration:

Researchers willing to integrate an interdisciplinary and international team to advance in the two research lines mentioned above.