Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial influence on the Environment of the Earth

Research Field:Environmental Science,Geology Remote sensing Space Sciences

Research Content:

The manifestation of polar wandering is climate change, due to the solar and galactic changes. Polar wandering, Terrestrial climate Change and COVID 19 pandemic outbreak are interlinked with each other. It was a series of events initiated in outer space in the form of changes in the galactic plane. Impact of the galactic plane has changed the Sun-Earth-Cosmic equilibrium. More galactic cosmic rays and less ultraviolet rays from the Sun due to improved ozone layer have changed the mutation probability of Viruses. Furthermore the persistent solar minimum of 2019-2020 which is near a replica of 2009-2010 solar minimum. It is imperative that extra terrestrial change may affect the terrestrial environment and health of the living beings of the Earth by evolution of new species of Viruses. The mechanism of Virus mutations is not very clear till date. Sudden outbreak of pandemics like Swine Flu of 2009 and Covid 19 of 2019 has compelled to think about the correlation of solar minimum induced rise of galactic rays and climate change initiation. The implications are initiation or triggering of different types of viral mutations.

Reduction of green house gases by anthropogenic activities coupled with the low electron flux from the Sun has been responsible for reduction in greenhouse gases ultraviolet rays from the Sun.

Extraterrestrial influence on the quality of Air has been observed during and after a number of Solar eclipses. Aerosol, Carbon dioxide, Ozone, Nitrous Oxide gases and Cloud covers have shown direct relationship with the changes in electron Flux, Proton flux and Planetary indices changes.


Research Results:

The changes in the Environment have proven impact on the society and the economic framework of global to local importance. Following publications are self explanatory about the importance of the research for a sustainable development.